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Andy shares his new award with several of the Library Information Integrators from the South Portland School District. (Jodi Breau, Janet Morelli, Jennifer Stanbro, Andy and Corine Altman in front of the Learning Commons at South Portland High School.)

 Andy Wallace, Director of Technology at the South Portland School Department was presented with the 2014 MASL Administrator of the Year Award at a school board meeting Monday evening at South Portland High School.  Andy was presented the award by Peggy Becksvoort, Past President and Edna Comstock, Business Manager of MASL in a surprised ceremony arranged by his staff who had also invited his family to attend the presentation.

Here are some of the comments from the supporting documents submitted with Andy's nomination....

Andy Wallace is a true visionary who consistently moves his district to the frontiers of meaningful technology integration in the service of preparing students for college and the workplace of the future. He sees school libraries and teacher librarians as integral to that process and has not only advocated for our positions, but also supports, and, sometimes, cajoles us into realizing that potential.

Andy, has used his role as Director of Technology to advocate for strong, relevant, and progressively-minded school libraries. 

Jennifer Stanbro wrote....I had just moved to Maine and was considering getting a school library degree. I reached out to the ME-LIBS community to ask about online programs and Andy was one of the first people to respond. We talked on the phone back then about how powerful a partnership between technology integration and library media specialists could be. That vision from Andy has not wavered since my being hired to work for this district.In 2004.

Andy and Connie Burns formed a K­-12 InfoTech Team that consists of all of the teacher librarians and technology integrators in our district. This team is still in place, co­-chaired by Andy and Jennifer Stanbro as Library Department Coordinator. They work together several times a year to plan staff development, technology budget planning, and coordinate curricular issues across the district. In 2006, Andy also promoted the relevance of school libraries and school librarians by further highlighting their ability to teach technology skills and be leaders in technology integration. The change in our titles to library information integrators transformed our role from materials managers to information technology specialists.While masters degreed librarians primarily hold these positions, and we all continue to run libraries, our relevance to facilitating the use of the changing tools of information is now an official expectation. This change has added security and power to the role of school librarians and libraries in our district.

This school year Andy's greatest visionary achievement in the realm of libraries is being unveiled: the new high school Library Learning Commons. This crowning jewel on the new high school renovation project represents years of hard work and advocacy on Andy's part. He saw the opportunity to keep the school library relevant and central to the functioning of the school in the years to come by designing a space that reflects best practices in education and in school libraries. The last three years, the planning for the new high school learning commons was led by Andy. He chaired multiple committees and organized fact-finding missions and field trips to educate community stakeholders on this cutting edge vision for relevant and thriving school libraries.

As director of technology and a former school librarian, Andy has a thorough knowledge of teaching information literacy, not only in terms of the use of technology, but also that of developing a learner who knows how to learn.  He understands that teaching information literacy is largely about meta-cogntion and the importance of having a stable scaffold that cuts across grade levels and academic disciplines, where information skills instruction is integrated into existing units rather than a stand-alone class. Andy understands that Information Literacy is not just about technology use, or about being able to make a citation, or even about being able to come up with good search strings. It is about being a productive and positive citizen in a digital world.

Andy regularly checks in with the InfoTech Team on the Digital Citizenship curriculum being taught and how intellectual property is being respected. Andy rigorously educates himself on the laws around copyright and intellectual property, as well as CIPA regulations. He then uses this knowledge to create an open, safe, and information-rich environment for student learning.  Andy's unflagging vision for a truly relevant and meaningful library program has pushed us into new territory and our students have been the ultimate beneficiaries of that energy.


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